1. About Me
  2. myfaves.fm Web / 2013
  3. thoughtbot Web / 2013
  4. Groupize wlWeb / 2013
  5. Groupize prmWeb / 2013
  6. Financial DNWeb / 2012
  7. VelocityiPad / 2012
  8. Iora HealthiPad / 2011


A personal project of mine, myfaves.fm, is a music player built to allow a user to listen to all of their favorite tracks from three online music services—Soundcloud, Hype Machine, and Exfm.

The app was built using the meteor.js framework, the HTML5 Audio API, and other public APIs.

Launch site: myfaves.fm

thoughtbot Learn Prime

Working in collaboration with Edwin Morris, we redesigned the landing page and designed an all-new dashboard. The dashboard features a convenient way to access the products offered in Learn Prime.

I led the design of the conceptual and visual direction of both the dashboard and landing page.

Groupize – white-label

The application allows for users to book group trips through a rich, backbone.js heavy, client-side mapping interface.

I was the sole designer of the project, and worked with a few backend developers to build the application.

Groupize – prm

This Personal Relationship Management application is designed to allow users to get a holistic view of the deal pipeline. The primary emphasis is placed on the value of each deal, and the position of the pipeline each deal is currently in.

Each deal contains a view where the hotel manager can communicate with the clientele.

Financial Diligence Networks

Financial Diligence Networks is a platform for connecting allocators and hedge funds. The network helps firms conduct research, share data, and organize information.

I led the design of the project, which was built from idea to MVP in five months. The application is data heavy, which brought challenges to designing the user experience so that inputting and viewing data is achieved in an intuitive and meaningful way.


Velocity is an iPad application for deploying training material, gathering market research, and carrying out performance tracking.

I was the lead designer of the project. I designed the app's core user-experience and visual language. The application features a fullscreen tile-based navigation for intuitive file browsing.

I worked collaboratively with my co-worker Edwin Morris on implementing the final front-end solution.

Iora Health

ICIS by Iora Health is a web app that stores Electronic Medical Records, manages daily/weekly/monthly tasks, and manages doctor-patient appointments.

The web app was designed for mixed use between iPads and desktop computers.

I was the sole designer of the product as well as the project lead. I led the product design, from sketching, wireframing, through to the final front-end build-out.